About us

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Our Story

PayReview was born with the sole intent of enabling companies to generate insights and automates the compensation review & increment process.

Our founding team observed that thousands of companies across the world were still spending hundreds of man-hours each year in managing & controlling compensation management using the traditional paper and pen approach, at most excel. This manual approach seldom yielded desired results and resulted in inconsistent and misaligned activities, inefficiency and arbitrary compensation decisions. The meticulous processes not only lead to inefficient cost allocation but results in serious talent attraction and retention challenges

They realized a need to conceive an inbuilt intelligence and automation solution that will work as an agent of change and help in revolutionizing the HR Industry.

So this led to the development of simple, scalable and robust compensation and salary management for small and medium enterprises. A product that is developed with the latest technology will bring the much-needed efficiency to the compensation process without costing a fortune. A solution that will not only improve the efficiency of the HR function but also enhance the talent strategy and corporate margins.

Our Team

Here is the passionate team behind PayReview

Anuraag Srivastav
Founder & CEO

CapGemini, Reliance IBS Mumbai, Univ. of Lucknow

Dinesh Gadge
Director Technology

Gaadi.com, InfoEdge IIM Bangalore, IIT Bombay

Our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals consisting of Subject Matter Experts, Consultants, Software Architects, System Developers and Advisors to build and deliver the right solution for you.

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